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Art Gallery at Ginza Hall

"Unreal Reality".


www.ginza-arthall.com    Stand on tiptoes and reach out to greatest potential of herself - this is Nadia’s main desire. To see the best in herself, add the best around and express it through the painting.  Like ineffable poetry where instead of words - language of colour.  

At Laura I Gallery. London.UK. 8 Oct. 2018.


Unexpected happiness to receive certificate of award- third prize

(out of 60 paintings)  in exhibition at Laura I Gallery. And to be able to enjoy a wonderful Indian Art performance.

Abstract Art class        at SAAS Gallery. London.Uk.

www.saas-london.com               I am very honored to be an art teacher for these talented stars. Thank you very much for coming to this magic place: SAAS gallery, to share a very cozy, warm and fun atmosphere with us.

All paintings are outstanding. Thank you to the gallery owner Sofya Abbott and art teacher Evgenia Imanski for making it happen.